Unsurprisingly, your first step towards metal detecting is purchasing a metal detector! Prices range from as little as £100 to over £1,000+. It all depends on your budget, what the machine is going to be searching for, the depth the machine will detect and the many features the detector might have.

Where’s the best place to buy a Metal Detector?
I’ve always purchased my metal detectors and accessories from Joan Allan Detectors UK in Kent (est. 1968). I can personally recommend them for their excellent service, competitive prices and they do ship to Shetland: Click here

Metal Detecting Forum: Click Here

I want to find out more about Metal Detecting:
Please take the time to read the information from the following website: Click Here

The website very nicely explains the following in detail:

· 1 Metal Detecting For Beginners
· 2 Where Can I Go Metal Detecting
· 2.1 The Beach
· 2.2 Gardens
· 2.3 Parks and Commons
· 2.4 Fields
· 2.5 Wood’s and footpaths
· 3 Metal Detecting Code of Conduct
· 4 Researching Land For Metal Detecting
· 5 The Treasure Act for Metal Detecting
· 5.1 Laws on Metal Detecting in the UK
· 6 Cleaning Metal Detecting Finds
· 6.1 Cleaning Buttons
· 6.2 Cleaning Musket Balls
· 6.3 Cleaning Coins
· 6.4 Cleaning Jewellery
· 7 Useful Metal Detecting Letter and Contract Templates