As a member of Metal Detect Shetland  you’ll be able to participate in organised field trips, learn about the various models of detectors, what’s best for Shetland, how to use the correct tools and accessories and help the Metal Detect Shetland  research new sites. You might consider becoming a member of the National Council for Metal Detecting NCMD. Membership subscriptions start 1st April each year. As a NCMD Member you’ll benefit from having £10,000,000 of Public Liability Insurance Cover, and you’ll also learn “where not to detect” such as Scheduled Historical & Ancient sites and the importance of respecting the Code of Conduct.

Metal detecting is an exciting and fun hobby for all ages and is enjoyed by thousands of folk throughout the UK. Some astounding finds are made each year that adds to the rich history of our country. If you reside on Shetland and you’re interested in local history and would like to know more about metal detecting, or if you’re already an active detectorist and own a metal detector, please contact John Wishart of Cunningsburgh at Metal Detect Shetland whose been on Facebook since October 2014.  You’ll find many advantages being a member of Metal Detect Shetland that will help you to further your hobby and meet kindred souls.